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Frequently Asked Questions


QWhat if everyone there knows more than I do?
AThe classes are paced in such a way to make every one feel comfortable. No one is ever put “on the spot”. Teaching segments cover a range of topics designed to appeal to a broad audience with varying degrees of understanding and knowledge.
QIs the Seminar a Church Service?
ANo. This is an educational seminar in a classroom setting. The topic is about the Bible and God’s plan as revealed in His scriptures. The classes are designed to teach the skill of effectively reading the Bible for yourself. Nevertheless, because we are looking into God’s Word, each session will begin with a brief prayer of thanks offered by one of the presenters.
QWhat should I wear?
ALike any class environment, we suggest you dress casually and comfortably.
QWhat time should I arrive?
AThe sessions will begin and end promptly. For the first class, we request you try to arrive 15 minutes early to confirm your registration and obtain your free seminar materials. For subsequent classes, please try to arrive a few minutes before the class start time. Complimentary refreshments will be available at that time, as well as during each of the sessions.
QIs there more than one Seminar Course?
AYes. There are multiple Seminar Courses you may attend. The original course is the “Learn To Read The Bible Effectively” Seminar. This is followed up with optional seminars including the Genesis Seminar, and the Acts of the Apostles Seminar. You are invited to attend just one, or all of the seminar courses. And, all of the seminars are free!
QI’m not available for all the scheduled classes. Can I still attend?
AYes. Hopefully you will be available to attend all the classes. However, if you miss some of the sessions, you are still encouraged to come back when your schedule allows.
QWhat if I don’t like the Seminars?
AYou may quit at any time. We think you will enjoy the classes, and you will find the information and materials helpful. However, you may quit with no strings attached.
QWho is paying for the seminars?
AAn extremely important question, as very few things today are free. All expenses are being absorbed by the Christadelphians in the area. No financial expectations will ever be expressed to you, now or in the future.
QWhy are you doing this?
AScarcely is the Bible read in today’s fast paced lifestyles. Our faith and belief in God propels us to expound His message and Truth. We believe the Bible and what it teaches is right and good in directing our lives and families. In Christ’s day, the apostles spread the Gospel message and the commandments of God. We also feel compelled to make known to all who would listen the wonderful plan God has for the earth.
QWhat if I have different beliefs?
AOur hope is that the classes will encourage you to draw your own conclusions about God and His plan. The purpose of these seminars is to equip you with necessary tools to make your own decisions about what you have learned.
QWhat do I need to bring?
APlease bring a Pen (or pencil) and a Bible, if you have one. Spare loaner Bibles will be available at the seminar if you need to borrow one. All other materials, including a personal workbook will be provided at no charge.
QIs any advanced preparation required?
QI just found out about these seminars, and I have already missed a few sessions. Can I still attend the seminars?
AContact Us to see if there is still room in the class. Even if you have missed a few sessions, you might still be able to attend. You will receive the student workbook with material from the lessons you missed.
QI really enjoy attending these Seminars. Can I invite a Friend?
AYes. Please encourage interested friends, family, or co-workers to attend these seminars. Even if the seminars have already started, there may still be room for them to join. They will also receive the student workbook with material from the lessons they might have missed.
QAre there any Fees?
ANo. These seminars are absolutely free. No strings attached. There are no fees of any kind for any of our seminars, and you will not be asked for a donation at any time.
QAre there tests?